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Round Up August 2022


Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests.

Episodes mentioned in this Round Up:

Ep 450: Attracting and Retaining AI Talent

Ep 451: Building Communities Of Talent

Ep 452: Assessment Innovation 2022

Ep 453: Onboarding Evolved

Ep 454: Effective Employer Branding Strategies

Ep 455: Talent Rediscovery

Ep 456: Soft Skills

Ep 457: Employability and Social Mobility

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Matt Alder (1m 4s):
Hi, there, this is Matt Alder. Welcome to the August RoundUp episode of The Recruiting Future Podcast. If you’ve not listened to roundup before, it’s a short review of the episodes that I’ve published in the last month to make sure that you don’t miss out on the valuable insights my guests are sharing. So, after a very hectic summer of traveling, I’m back in the studio and after a short podcasting break in July, I was delighted to have eight very insightful guests during the month of August.

Ep 450: Attracting and Retaining AI Talent (1m 34s):
Despite some highly publicized layoffs in the tech sector, macro trends are still driving a high demand for highly skilled tech professionals. This is particularly true in data science and AI, where hiring the right talent can have a significant business impact. In Episode 450, I spoke to Kevin Dewalt, CEO of Prolego, a leading AI consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Prolego has recently published a report to help companies get better at hiring data science talent, and Kevin has some valuable insights to share on engaging with this audience of talent. His insights into the power of hiring manager biographies in job descriptions is something everyone needs to listen to.

Ep 451: Building Communities Of Talent (2m 21s):
Diversity and Inclusion strategies are often just about moving existing talent between organizations rather than growing talent pools and giving more opportunities to more people. So how should employers be thinking about diversity hiring, and what kind of organizations should they partner with to increase the spread of opportunity? My guest on episode 451 was Linc Kroeger, President of Knight Moves. Knight Moves is a limiting profit company helping to create the next generation of technology professionals by offering training with an intentional focus on Native American, rural and urban underserved communities.

Ep 451: Building Communities Of Talent (3m 5s):
In a world where we focus so much on virtual communities. It was great to hear LINC talk about building physical communities of talent.

Ep 452: Assessment Innovation 2022 (3m 13s):
Assessment and selection continue to be an area of debate, investment and technological innovation. So what has been happening in the space over the last 12 months, and more importantly, what is working? It is my great pleasure to welcome Netherlands-based consultant Bas van de Haterd back to the show for episode 452. Bas has been on the podcast a few times discussing new thinking in assessment and runs an awards program for innovation in assessment. His 2022 awards have just been judged, and he joins us to update us on what is working and discuss the different approaches the shortlisted organizations have taken.

Ep 453: Onboarding Evolved (3m 52s):
The pandemic changed many aspects of talent acquisition and perhaps none more so than onboarding. With many people spending less time in their employer’s physical offices, how have TA and HR teams evolved their onboarding processes to forge a sense of belonging, develop relationships, and ultimately increase productivity and retention? In Episode 453, I spoke to Sharawn Tipton, Chief People Officer at LiveRamp. Over the last few years, LiveRamp has developed a strategic and very intentional approach to onboarding, shifting from a transactional approach to one that focuses on building relationships and providing an immediate sense of belonging.

Ep 454: Effective Employer Branding Strategies (4m 36s):
To say that the talent acquisition market in the tech sector is complex and fast-changing at the moment would perhaps be a bit of an understatement. So how are big tech companies developing employer branding strategies that help them solve their shifting challenges, and what lessons can employers in other sectors learn from them? In Episode 454, I spoke to Ashlee Gerow, Senior Manager, Employer Branding at Hubspot. I’ve always been a massive fan of Hubspot’s sophisticated and innovative approach to talent acquisition and employer branding. Ashley is very open about their recruitment challenges and how a dynamic approach to employer branding is being used to address them.

Ep 455: Talent Rediscovery (5m 21s):
Reaching out to past applicants with new roles has always been a challenge in talent acquisition. Poor technology, tight timescales, and inflexible processes have often limited the effectiveness of talent rediscovery. However, AI is now starting to drive some change, and talent rediscovery is becoming an ever more effective strategy. Mike Watson, Head of Customer Advocacy at Eightfold was my guest on episode 455. Before he joined Eightfold, Mike was a long-time Head of Talent Acquisition, and, in our conversation, he shares his unique insights into the benefits and practical results of AI-driven talent rediscovery.

Ep 456: Soft Skills (6m 5s):
Work and jobs are changing, and the way companies select and hire people needs to keep up with this pace of change. We’ve always talked a lot about soft skills in talent acquisition, but what are they in the context of modern work, why are they important, and how can they be assessed? My guest on episode 456 was Dr. Alan Redman, Head of Science and Technology at Clevry. Alan is an expert in the definition, assessment, and impact of soft skills. And we discussed how assessing for them can help solve some very difficult hiring challenges.

Ep 457: Employability and Social Mobility (6m 43s):
Some of my favorite discussions on this show have been with employers driving diversity, equity, and inclusion, not just because it is the right thing to do but because they are using their DE&I strategies to solve specific business challenges. In Episode 457, I spoke to Graham Briggs, Head of Apprenticeships & Employability Programmes at Greene King, the UK’s largest pub retailer and brewer. The hospitality sector has had an extremely challenging few years. Greene King has been running some incredible programs to reach diverse talent pools and deliver positive outcomes for their business and the communities they work with.

Ep 457: Employability and Social Mobility (7m 24s):
There’s some great advice here for TA leaders who are looking to develop similar strategies.

Matt Alder (7m 30s):
So onward into September, and the start of the fall conference season. For those out there attending events, I hope we get to meet face to face, and I’m looking forward to hearing some new and interesting ideas as we move forward through these very disruptive times. Finally, I want to say a special thank you to the team at Paradox. Paradox are one of my main sponsors for 2022 and are sponsoring these roundup episodes. You can check all the great things they do by going to and make sure you tell them I sent you. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to this podcast in Apple podcasts, on Spotify or via your podcasting app of choice.

Matt Alder (8m 11s):
You can search all the past episodes at On that site, you can also subscribe to the mailing list to get the inside track about everything that’s coming up on the show. Thanks very much for listening. I’ll be back next time, and I hope you’ll join me my show.

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