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Round Up February 2022


Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests.

Episodes mentioned in this Round Up:

Ep 409: Inclusive Hiring

Ep 410: Recruiting Fundamentals

Ep 411: EVP In A Hyper Competitive Market

Ep 412: Scaling Recruiting

Ep 413: Into The Metaverse

Ep 414: Change & Complexity

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Paradox: The AI assistant for recruiting (0s):
Support for this podcast is provided by Paradox, the conversational AI company, helping global talent acquisition teams at Unilever, McDonald’s, and CVS Health. Get recruiting work done faster. Let’s face it, talent acquisition is full of boring administrative tasks that drag the hiring process down and create frustrating experiences for everyone. Paradox’s AI assistant, Olivia, is shaking up that paradigm – automating things like applicant screening, interview scheduling, and candidate Q&A. So recruiters can spend more time with people, not software.

Paradox: The AI assistant for recruiting (40s):
Curious how Olivia can work for your team? Then visit to learn more.

Digital Talent by Matt Alder & Mervyn Dinnen (48s):
Before we start the show, a quick announcement to say that my latest book, Digital Talent, is now available to order or pre-order wherever you get your books. In a disrupted and technology-enabled world of work, a company’s ability to attract, recruit and retain people with digital skills can be the difference between business success and business failure. I’ve co-authored again with Mervyn Dinnen. And in the book, we explore how employers can find, recruit, retain, and develop the people they need in a time of intense digital transformation. The book is out now in the UK, and will be published in the US and around the world, on March the 29th.

Matt Alder (1m 50s):
Hi, there. This is Matt Alder. Welcome to the February Roundup episode of The Recruiting Future Podcast. If you’ve not listened to Round Up before, it’s a short review of the episodes that I’ve published in the last month to make sure you don’t miss out on the valuable insights my guests are sharing. During February, I spoke to a really interesting mix of people. All of whom have unique stories to share. We explored the many challenges, talent acquisition professionals are facing, and some of the trends that are shaping the future. In the latter part of last year, I had two conversations on the show about hiring from marginalized groups. The first one was with Eugène van den Hemel, who’s doing pioneering work in the Netherlands to connect refugees with employment opportunities.

Matt Alder (2m 38s):
The second was with Darren Burns, who runs the ex-offender hiring program for UK retailer, Timpson. Both of these conversations were really eye-opening for me. They highlighted that now more than ever, employers need to challenge traditional policies and beliefs. To think differently about hiring if they want to be genuinely inclusive. I wanted to know more. In episode 409, I spoke to James Fellowes and Chance Bleu-Montgomery from Prosper4, who run an inclusive hiring portal called The Bridge of Hope. Their organization helps bridge the gap between being job-ready and getting a job in many marginalized and diverse talent pools.

Matt Alder (3m 21s):
Their knowledge and expertise comes from incredibly challenging personal experience. And it was a privilege to give them this platform to tell their story. As employers continue to struggle to find the talent they need, it’s fascinating to see talent acquisition teams forensically picking their recruiting processes apart and re-imagining them to reflect the reality of 2022. World talent intelligence, AI, and automation play their part. Some human fundamentals set at the heart of an effective TA strategy. So what should recruiters be focusing on? And how different is the talent market of 2022 from those in the past?

Matt Alder (4m 1s):
My guest for episode 410 is somewhat of a recruiting legend and has strong opinions based on his decades in the industry. Lou Adler, CEO of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems is a prolific author, speaker, and trainer. It was great to dig deep into Lou’s experience and get his perspective on the current talent markets and how we should be recruiting in them. Over the last few months, as I’ve been researching the practical effects of the great resignation, we’ve heard the stories of talent acquisition professionals from the US, Europe, and Australia on what is truly a global issue. One country I really wanted to know more about though, is India, one of the biggest global markets for tech talent.

Matt Alder (4m 50s):
My guest in episode 411 was Aditya Singh, Director Head of Talent Acquisition at Informatica. Aditya has overall responsibility for designing and deploying Informatica’s talent acquisition strategy across India and gives us a great insight into what Informatica is doing to stand out in one of the most competitive talent markets on the planet. This year, scale and speed are an essential focus for many talent acquisition teams. But how do you scale recruiting and speed up hiring in an environment where recruiting recruiters is as tough as it is right now?

Matt Alder (5m 30s):
David Spencer-Percival is CEO of Life Science People and formerly the founder of high-growth recruitment businesses, Huntress and Spencer Ogden. David has decades of experience scaling up and recruiting recruiters in various markets. He has developed a tried and tested methodology that many talent acquisition teams can learn from. And it was a pleasure to talk to him on episode 412. For over a decade now, I’ve been flagging up the development of virtual reality as something talent acquisition should have on their radar. It’s taken a while, but with tech giants like Meta and Apple making multi-billion dollar plays in technology infrastructure is now finally the time for our industry to fully embrace the Metaverse.

Matt Alder (6m 18s):
So how does this work? And what talent acquisition and HR activities are already in play in virtual reality? My guests on episode 413 were Misha Krymov and Jennifer Regan, the CEO and Head of Experiences at Morpheus XR. Morpheus XR is already designing, recruiting, onboarding, and leadership development experiences in the Metaverse. And Misha and Jennifer have a massive amount of knowledge to share with us. One thing that really annoys me is when commentators, consultants, or vendors offer advice to talent acquisition teams, that don’t recognize just how complex organizational hiring dynamics can be.

Matt Alder (7m 2s):
Change is constant, but driving effective change in a complex organization that radically improves talent acquisition is incredibly challenging. My final guest of the month on episode 414 was Jenny Cotie Kangas, Director, Digital Experience Talent Acquisition at Regis Corporation. Jenny had a serious accident in 2020 and has an incredible story to tell about how her recovery helped her discover the power of adopting a beginner’s mindset to use technology, to transform talent acquisition in a highly complex company.

Paradox: The AI assistant for recruiting (7m 39s):
Finally, I wanted to say a special thank you to the team at Paradox. Paradox is one of my main sponsors for the first part of 2022. And as part of that, they’ll also be sponsoring these Roundup episodes. You can check out all the great things they’re doing by going to

Matt Alder (7m 57s):
So onwards into March, and I have some really interesting guests coming up. So make sure you don’t miss out. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to the podcast in Apple podcasts, on Spotify, or via your podcasting app of choice. Please also follow the show on Instagram. You can find us by searching for Recruiting Future. You can search all the past episodes at And on that site, you can also subscribe to the mailing list to get the inside track about everything that’s coming up on the show. Thanks very much for listening. I’ll be back next time and I hope you’ll join me.

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