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Round Up July 2023


Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests.

Episodes mentioned in this Round Up:

Ep 534: AI & Executive Search

Ep 535: Hiring Enablement

Ep 536: AI -Benefits, Risks and Potential

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Matt Alder (1m 7s):
Hi there. this is Matt Alder. Welcome to the July roundup episode of the Recruiting Future Podcast. If you’ve not listened to Roundup before, it’s a short review of the episodes that I’ve published in the last month to make sure you don’t miss out on the valuable insights my guests are sharing. So this is gonna be a shorter roundup than normal, as there were only three new episodes of the podcast during July. This is because I went on holiday straight after the amazing RecFest event and took some time away from the microphone. However, although quantity dropped, quality absolutely didn’t and these conversations are excellent, future-focused, and with some highly experienced practitioners.

Matt Alder (Episode 534) (1m 53s):
The potential impact of AI on Talent Acquisition is 2023’s biggest talking point, but what impact will these new technologies have on relationship-driven hiring at the top of organizations? Will AI disrupt executive search or just provide a better toolset? At the same time, how are the next generation of leaders thinking about their careers as we move further into an AI-driven future? My first guest in July on Episode 534 was Bill Hogenauer, a Partner at JM Search. Bill specializes in placing C-Level Technology executives, and it was great to get his insights into the current state and likely future direction of Executive Search.

Matt Alder (Episode 535) (2m 40s):
We talked about how the current market conditions are fueling innovation, the post pandemic evolution of Executive Search and its likely future in the emerging age of AI. Hiring has changed. Over the last three years, candidate expectations have evolved dramatically, and many hiring teams are not keeping pace with this disruptive rate of change. So what can employers do to ensure they properly engage with the talent they need, and how can technology support this process? For Episode 535, I spoke to Gavin Spears, CEO of Solutions Driven.

Matt Alder (Episode 535) (3m 21s):
Solutions Driven have done a huge amount of research to ensure they have the right strategies to help their clients thrive in the current hiring market. In our wide ranging conversation, we talked about changing candidate behavior, candidate engagement, hiring insanity, hiring execution, and hiring equality as well as the key questions TA leaders should be asking the agencies they work with.

Matt Alder (Episode 536) (3m 47s):
As I previously said, AI has dominated the discussion for months now, and if recent conversations are anything to go by, this shows no sign of letting up.

Matt Alder (Episode 536) (4m 33s):
However, the initial hysteria is fading, and the hype is slowly turning into meaningful discussions about what the AI-driven future will look like. So what is the potential of AI in TA and HR, what are the current benefits, and perhaps most importantly, what are the risks? I was keen to get the perspectives of a Chief People Officer on all of this, so, I’m delighted that my guest on Episode 536 was Geri Morgan Chief People Officer at in Intellum. Geri has some excellent advice to share and even got ChatGPT to actively participate in our conversation. We covered a lot of ground in our discussion, and Geri shared some really interesting insights around the opportunities AI offers to HR and the importance of keeping the momentum of innovation going while mitigating risks, around compliance, ethics, and legislation.

Wonolo (4m 59s):
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Wonolo (5m 43s):
Get workers who are ready to work and spend less time finding them with Wonolo go to That’s and take the stress out of finding workers.

Matt Alder (6m 11s):
As well as the new content. In July, I resurfaced for older interviews, which I feel still really resonate. If you check back through the podcast feed for July. You’ll be able to listen to Jess Jones from Coolr talking about Confidence and Resilience, author Julia Hobsbawm talking about The Future of Work. Dutch National Track cycling coach Mehdi Kordi, sharing transferrable insights on Performance, Potential, and Culture, and Nykeba King Global head of Inclusion and Belonging at the Body Shop, talking about the results and implications of Open Hiring programs. So, onwards into August. And for those of you who are working as well as anyone who wants to check in from their sun lounger, I have some exceptional content coming up.

Matt Alder (6m 56s):
I mentioned RecFest at the top of the show. It was a fantastic event, bigger and better than ever before. But don’t worry if you missed it as I’ve teamed up with smart recruiters to bring you some exclusive interviews during August with some incredible practitioners who were speaking on the hiring without boundary stage. So, don’t miss out if you haven’t already then make sure you are subscribed to the show in Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. If. you still have RecFest FOMO. Then don’t forget, you can get 50% off the ticket price to RecFest USA, which is happening this September in Nashville.

Matt Alder (7m 40s):
Just go to and use the code RF50. Finally, make sure you go to to subscribe to my monthly newsletter, Recruiting Future Feast. Thanks very much for listening. I’ll be back next time and I hope you’ll join me.

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