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Round Up June 2023


Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests.

Episode mentioned in this Round Up:

Ep 527: Culture As A Hiring Differentiator

Ep 528: Social Mobility Via Talent Engagement

Ep 529: Developing Digital Skills

Ep 530: Workforce Resilience

Ep 531: Kindness, Data & The Candidate Experience

Ep 532: Data Driven Talent Acquisition

Ep 533: Engaging With Top Talent

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Matt Alder (1m 7s):
Hi there, this is Matt Alder. Welcome to the June Roundup episode of the Recruiting Future podcast. If you’ve don’t listened to Roundup before, it’s a short review of the episodes that I’ve published in the last month to make sure you don’t miss out on the valuable insights my guests are sharing. One of the things I missed most during the pandemic were the face-to-face events, both large and small, that have always been such a feature of our industry. While a lot can be achieved online, for me, face-to-face is always the winner when it comes down to hearing new ideas and being involved in the kind of spontaneous conversation that can open your eyes to whole new ways of thinking.

Matt Alder (1m 51s):
The big events like HR Tech, Unleash, and RecFest, or about that later, have been back for a while now. But what’s been fantastic about the last few weeks is the number of smaller, more focused events that are now popping up everywhere. In June, I had the pleasure of doing a fireside chat on the future of talent acquisition for the Lloyd’s talent team, as well as being one of the keynotes at manpower’s annual conference, where I was talking about optimizing hybrid workforces. It was great to be part of the discussions, and it’s very clear that this is an incredibly dynamic time of change and innovation. Although I love face-to-face online, is still important, and it was great to be part of an on-demand webinar for user lane this month, where we discussed the role of software in employee engagement.

Matt Alder (2m 40s):
I’ll share all the links to recordings as they become available. So, later this week, RecFest UK returns to Networth Park near London with over 5,000 attendees – huge congratulations to the RecFest team for what looks to be the biggest and best event yet. If you’re going, please come and say hello; if you see me, I’ll be recording some interviews with some of the speakers as well as participating in a fireside chat on the future role of recruiters, and that’s at 4:15 on the hiring without boundary stage. So, onto June’s Podcasts, and it was a real mix of topics, but the three key themes of disruption, innovation, and change were ever-present in each conversation.

Matt Alder (3m 26s):
The employee-employer relationship is changing. Employee engagement is at an all-time low, and countless research studies tell us that a significant proportion of the workforce is considering quitting their job. At the same time, despite the economic backdrop many companies are struggling to get the talent they need due to significant skill shortages in some areas. So how can employers differentiate themselves and secure and retain the talent they need? A positive work culture has never been more critical and is a strong differentiator for employers focusing on building one.

Matt Alder (Episode 527) (4m 7s):
My guest on episode 527 was Lori Knowles, Chief Human Resources Officer at Memorial Hermann Health System Memorial Hermann has had some spectacular hiring and retention outcomes in a highly challenging talent market by focusing on their culture. In our discussion, Lori talks us through the five levers they use to drive culture and the results they’re getting.

Matt Alder (Episode 528) (4m 35s):
It’s very encouraging that increasing number of employers are committing to play their part in improving social mobility. It’s becoming clear though, that transactional and short-term attempts at talent engagement do not yield the results needed for employers or the communities they seek to engage. So what can employers learn from nonprofits that achieve positive outcomes that do improve social mobility? On Episode 528, I spoke to Irene Shih, CEO of Minds Matter Bay Area. This education nonprofit connects, driven, and determines students from low-income families with the people preparation and possibilities to succeed in college.

Matt Alder (Episode 528) (5m 19s):
Minds Matter Bay Area has been incredibly successful with its mission, and Irene had some critical loans to share the employers focusing on social mobility will find extremely valuable.

Matt Alder (Episode 529) (5m 34s):
The tech sector has been going through an unprecedented period of layoffs in the last few months. However, the demand for digital skills in the wider market will continue for years. So what strategies are employers putting in place to ensure they have the skills they need for their businesses in the future? My guest on episode 529 was Lex Pedersen, VP of EMEA at O’Reilly Media. O’Reilly has been helping businesses develop digital skills for over 40 years. And Lex has insights and advice for employers looking to gain a competitive advantage through skills at acquisition and development.

Matt Alder (Episode 529) (6m 16s):
We explored the factors causing digital skill shortages, the way the most successful companies of the next 10 years will think about talent and the importance of breaking down silos in HR to enable talent mobility. So despite unfavorable economic factors, skill shortages are still an issue. However, there are only one element of a brewing talent crisis. Perhaps most worrying for business leaders are these low levels of engagement and retention as expectations of the employment experience continue to evolve rapidly. So what can employers do to build workforce resilience and get the competitive talent advantage essential to drive long-term value?

Matt Alder (Episode 530) (7m 3s):
My guest on episode 530 Tammy Browning, President at KellyOCG. KellyOCG has recently published a comprehensive piece of research looking at Workforce Resilience. In our conversation, Tammy shared the findings and talked us through the three strategic pillars that are helping employers to build a resilient workforce.

Matt Alder (Episode 531) (7m 27s):
Many aspects of recruiting have changed significantly over the last two decades, with technology continuing to drive rapid leaps forward in innovation and efficiency. The Candidate Experience, though continues to be a conundrum. It hasn’t improved or developed at the same pace as other areas of talent acquisition. So why is this, and how can new and compelling business cases be made to drive a better candidate experience? Amy Oviedo, Founder and CEO of Recruiting Experiences, was my guest on episode 531. Recruiting Experiences provide fractional Recruiting support to employers and training for talent acquisition professionals.

Matt Alder (Episode 531) (8m 11s):
Amy is a passionate advocate for the candidate experience and the importance of kindness in the Recruiting process. In our conversation, we geeked out a bit about recruiting in the nineties and discussed why candidate experience is still a major issue, despite all the advances in technology since then. We also got into the ideal mix between people and technology and the skills talent acquisition professionals will need in the future.

Matt Alder (Episode 532) (8m 39s):
Employers have never had so much data to inform, innovate, and optimize their talent strategies, however, understanding and extracting value from this data is something many organizations are still struggling with. So how should employers be thinking about data implementing data-driven talent strategies and planning for a future of data-based decision-making? Grant Telfer, Business Development Director at Textkernel, spoke with me on Episode 531. Textkernel has long specialized in bringing machine learning, AI, and data-driven intelligence to talent acquisition, and we discussed the current state of talent markets, the most useful data sets available to employers, how to extract value from them, and the dangers of not using data to its full potential.

Matt Alder (Episode 532) (9m 33s):
Despite current market conditions engaging with top talent is still very hard. It’s even harder if you’re hiring for an employer with very little profile or brand awareness in your target talent markets. So, what strategies are employers using to engage with top talent, and what lessons can large enterprises learn from small and agile startups when it comes to storytelling and the effective use of tech stacks?

Matt Alder (Episode 533) (10m 2s):
My guest on Episode 533 was George Morriss, Head of Talent Acquisition at Lindus Health. George has vast experience in building hiring strategies for high growth start-ups and has practical advice to share on how TA Leaders should respond to disrupted a disruption we’re seeing in the market. We talked about consistency of storytelling, candidate experience as a point of difference, and how TA should prepare itself for the future?

Matt Alder (10m 30s):
A big thank you to Textkernel for being our sponsor during June. Please go to to find out more about the great work they do. So onwards into July, the Scottish schools are out for the summer, so I’m going to be taking a couple of weeks’ holiday with the family. The podcast won’t stop, though, as well as for brand new interviews. I’m also going to be replaying some interviews from the archives that I think are particularly relevant to the issues we are seeing at the moment. So, don’t miss out. If you haven’t already, then make sure you are subscribed to the show in Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Matt Alder (11m 11s):
Finally, make sure you go to and subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Recruiting Future Feast. Thanks very much for listening. I’ll be back next time, and I hope you’ll join me.

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