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Round Up October 2022


Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests.

Episodes mentioned in this Round Up:

Ep 465: Curiosity At Work

Ep 466: UNLEASH World

Ep 467: Automation & Personalization

Ep 468: Embracing Neurodiversity

Ep 469: TA Technology Transformation

Ep 470: Disability Inclusion

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Paradox (0s):
Support for this podcast is provided by Paradox, the Conversational AI Company helping global talent acquisition teams at Unilever, McDonald’s, and CVS health get recruiting work done faster. Let’s face it, talent acquisition is full of boring administrative tasks that drag the hiring process down and create frustrating experiences for everyone. Paradox’s AI assistant, Olivia, is shaking up that paradigm, automating things like applicant screening, interview scheduling, and candidate Q&A so recruiters can spend more time with people, not software.

Paradox (40s):
Curious how Olivia can work for your team? Then visit to learn more.

Matt Alder (1m 5s):
Hi there. This is Matt Alder. Welcome to the October Roundup Episode of the Recruiting Future Podcast. If you not listen to Roundup before, it’s a short review of the episodes that I’ve published in the last month to make sure that you don’t miss out on the valuable insights my guests are sharing. Before we get into Roundup, I need your help. I’m currently planning for 2023 and need your input into the direction of the podcast. I’ve set up a feedback form with four simple questions, and I would really appreciate it if you would answer them for me. Please go to to complete the form.

Matt Alder (1m 45s):
A huge thank you to everyone who’s already sent me their feedback and I’m already starting to implement some of your very valuable suggestions. That web address, again, it’s My October was somewhat dominated by the UNLEASH World Event in Paris. The Unleashed team set up a podcasting area that I was delighted to share with the Chad and Cheese Show and the Tech Talks podcast. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to record an interview with me or just dropped by the booth to say hello face-to-face.

Matt Alder (Episode 465) (2m 19s):
Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent; I’m only passionately curious.” I like this quote so much that I use the phrase “Passionately Curious” as the tagline for my consulting business. So you can imagine my delight then when I came across a book on workplace curiosity written by Stefaan van Hooydonk, the founder of The Global Curiosity Institute, who was my guest on Episode 465 of the show. A former Chief Learning Officer. Stephan has done some pioneering work on the science behind Curiosity and why improving the skill of Curiosity is essential in the modern world of work, both at an individual and organizational level.

Matt Alder (Episode 466) (3m 9s):
Episode 466 was my special UNLEASH episode. As well as the longer form interviews I recorded more on those later, I also recorded some shorter sound bites to give both a flavor of the show and some of the talent acquisition challenges European employers are currently facing. In this episode, you hear from my co-author on Digital Talent, Mervyn Dinnen; Chad and Jill from the Chad and Cheese Show, David Savage from Tech Talks, and longtime friend of the show, Bas van de Hatred, who shared his latest corporate career site research with us.

Matt Alder (Episode 467) (3m 44s):
Anyone who has seen me speak this year knows that I consider personalization the next big trend in talent acquisition. If they get their strategies right, the rapid growth in automation technologies allows employers to offer a bespoke candidate experience at scale. So which employers are doing this well, and what can we learn from them? My guest on Episode 467 was Lisa Scales, Head of Talent Acquisition for the UK and Ireland at Nestle. This was one of the longer form interviews I recorded at UNLEASH and in our wide-ranging conversation, Lisa talks us through Nestle’s strategies around personalization and the results they’re getting.

Matt Alder (Episode 469) (4m 29s):
Another TA leader I spoke to UNLEASH was Samantha Ramsay, Head of Experienced Hire UK&I at EY, who was in Paris delivering a presentation on Tech Transformation. With recruiting challenges so acute and talent acquisition technology developing at such a great pace, tech stack adoption and transformation strategies are critical for many employers. In episode 469, Sam talked us through the key issues, and how are talent acquisition teams are now specializing and evolving to exploit new technologies and methodologies.

Matt Alder (Episode 468 & 470) (5m 11s):
October was National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and I published two special episodes to highlight some of the great work going on around Disability Inclusion. One of the most encouraging aspects of our changing world of work has been the number of employers actively seeking to recruit neurodiverse talent. However, it’s estimated that 15 to 20% of the world’s population is neuro-divergent, and there is still a vast amount of work to do to ensure that our workplaces are inclusive for all and that employers benefit from supporting everyone to work to their full potential. My guest on episode 468 My guest this week is Genie Love, an Executive Functioning Coach who works with neurodiverse professionals to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Matt Alder (Episode 468 & 470) (6m 2s):
In our conversation, she offers many practical insights into how employers can support their people at work. Following on from this in episode 470, I did a deeper dive into Disability Inclusion in action with Dr. Jennifer Luebke, Chief Workforce Inclusion Officer at PRIDE Industries. PRIDE Industries is a social enterprise creating sustainable career opportunities and training for people with disabilities, and Jennifer had some hugely valuable insights to share.

Matt Alder (6m 34s):
Finally, I want to say a special thank you to the team at Paradox. Paradox are one of my main sponsors for 2022 and are sponsoring these Roundup Episodes. You can check out all the great things they do by going to and make sure you tell them that I sent you. A big thank you to all the companies who sponsor the podcast this year. I would not be able to publish it without your help. On that note, details of sponsorship packages for next year are now available. Please get in touch if you’re interested in being one of my 2023 advertisers. So onwards into November, and I have some great conversations coming up with guests that include writer and broadcaster Simon Francho, Blair Bennett, the SVP of Global Talent Acquisition at PepsiCo, and Talent Intelligence guru, Toby Koshore.

Matt Alder (7m 28s):
There are also a couple of new developments with the show. Firstly, I’ve launched a monthly email newsletter called Recruiting Future Feast. It comes out at the same time as these Roundup Episodes and aims to share insights and interesting content around the evolving world of talent acquisition. You can sign up for it at The podcast has also joined TikTok. To be honest, it’s a bit of an experiment and I’m still getting to grips with it, but if you wanna join in or just laugh at my efforts to keep up with the social media zeitgeist, then search TikTok for Recruiting Future Pod. If you haven’t already, you can of course subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or via your podcasting app of choice.

Matt Alder (8m 15s):
Thanks very much for listening. I’ll be back next time and I hope you’ll join me.

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